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Canva Brand Kits, Color Palettes & Font Combos

Access Brand Kits (Members Only)

60 Strategically Designed Color Palettes & Font Combos To Inspire Your Brand's Visual Identity And Help You Create Your Canva Brand Kit

Your membership templates are designed with content examples, placeholder photos and color themes so you can see what looks good here and what looks good there. That being said, your templates are intended to be customized with your own brand colors and fonts.
For this reason, it's highly recommended you set up your Canva Brand Kit before customizing your templates. Need some help with that? Sure! Your membership includes 60 Canva Brand Kits, strategically designed with functional color palettes and font combos you can apply across all of your templates, graphics, content, online programs and website pages. Consistency with versatility is the name of the game!  

✓ Pick & mix from 60 options

✓ Heading font recommendations

✓ Body font recommendations

✓ Script font recommendations

✓ Color & font selection tutorial

✓ Feminine & masculine options

✓ Soft & elegant options

✓ Bright & bold options

✓ Clean & corporate options

✓ Playful & cheerful options

✓ Natural & earthy options

✓ Fresh & invigorating options

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Social Media Cover Banners
Social Media Cover Banners