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Launching an online course, workshop, membership, eBook or some form of online offer or program?

Oh you're smart. Seriously, pat yourself on the back for building a smart, scalable source of income. BUT let's be real. The content creation workload that comes with launching an online offer is epic! It's not just the "passive" digital product we have to create, we also have to...

Attract & engage our audience

Grow & nurture our email list

Maintain a regular content schedule

Create our digital product

Create our landing & sales pages

Launch & promote the offer

Onboard & nurture our students

Repeat, relaunch and scale

For each of these steps and stages, there are specific graphics and content required. Attempting to create all of this content using random Canva templates is a recipe for chaos. So question time...

What is the fastest, easiest way to create the bajillion pieces of content & graphics you need?


Spend hours browsing Canva trying to find the right templates to fit your specific content requirements


Buy a bunch of random, inconsistent Canva template packs that don't flow and coordinate with each other


Invest in a cohesive collection of the RIGHT, not random, Canva templates for your specific content requirements

Hint: If in doubt, choose C

Here's What You Can Effortlessly Create With Your Membership Templates, Even If You Have No Design Skills

Visual Brand Identity

Your brand logo, color palette and font set

Lead Magnets & Guides

To grow your email list and/or sell an eBook

Workbooks & Planners

For your students to download and fill out

Service & Media Guides

To showcase who you are and what you offer

Slide Decks

For your training, workshop & webinar presentations

Charts & Diagrams

For explaining your methods, frameworks & roadmaps

Certificates & Badges

For student achievements, milestones & awards

Social Media Content

To attract, grow & engage your audience & community

Promotional Posts & Ads

To promote your freebies, offers & program launches

Podcast & Blog Graphics

For your high value, long form episodes & articles

Product Portal Graphics

For your online course, membership or offer library

Website Graphics

For your website landing & sales pages (and emails)

Explore The Templates

But Wait, Doesn't Canva Already Have 99 Zillion Templates?

Yes, the reality is Canva has literally millions of templates, which is totally amazing and overwhelming at the same time because you can end up wasting hours (heck days) trying to find what you need for your specific content requirements. Then another 10 hours, days (heck months), trying to make all of your content and graphics consistent.

So Why Join The Template Tribe? 

So You Can Create More Professional Looking Content, In Less Time 

Your templates are created with you, your challenges and specific content requirements in mind. The membership is not a Canva replacement, rather a complimentary resource to speed up, simplify and inspire your content creation process. You're not only receiving design templates, but content templates, loaded with quick swap prompts and inspiration. 

So you know what to call your content and make your audience say YES I need this!

 So you know what content to include in your training resources and presentations

So you know what to post to attract attention and drive engagement

So you can fill in the blank, without sounding like you're filling in the blank

So you can be guided on what text, image and call to action goes where

So you can apply flow, structure and hierarchy to your content

 So you can customize your templates in the least amount of time possible

So you can quickly find the templates you need based on your content task at hand

Let's Get Your Content Looking Schmick... And Quick!

No more wasting time in Canva trying to find the right templates and graphics

No more butchering random templates that don't suit your content requirements

No more inconsistency across your branding, graphics and content

No more losing credibility because your branding looks unprofessional

Join The Membership

Meet Sal, Your Canva Template Designer & Membership Host

Hey there, I'm Sally Frances Coombes. You can call me Sal.

I love working with passionate go-getters and action takers who are transforming their knowledge, expertise and superpowers into scalable online business models.

I started using Canva when it first launched in 2012. I became passionately obsessed with how the platform empowered anyone to create beautiful designs, without design skills.

Today, I have to pinch myself that I'm partnered with Canva as a "super creator'' and my template designs have been used by literally millions of Canva users, including brands and mentors I've admired for years. My heart still does a little jiggle jiggle when I see my templates in the wild.

Why Trust Me As Your Template Designer?

Because my superpower is template design, more so than graphic design. Yes, there is a difference.

As a template designer, I'm mindful you need to edit and customize the content. When I'm creating your templates, I put myself in your shoes and preempt what you will want to do with the template. Then, I make it simple for you.

As an online membership creator myself, I understand your content requirements. Members often say "Sal, I think you just jumped in my brain, this is exactly what I need right now".

Other Quick Facts About Sal

I live one minute from the beach on the Gold Coast, Australia.

I'm an ex corporate 9-5 grinder and launching this membership was my business breakthrough that has allowed me to live a life of freedom, doing the work I love.

I love expanding my knowledge on all things business, psychology, mental health & personal development.

I always start my day with a workout & wrap it up with a walk.

I'm an ambivert. My energy depends on what I'm doing, with who, where, when and for how long.

I'm a screen addict (no shame) and Canva-holic (no shit!)