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So You Can Create Your Graphics & Content The Smart, Not Hard Way

Let's be real. The content creation workload that comes with launching a course, membership, program or some form of online offer is EPIC!

It's not just the "passive digital product" we have to create. We also have to grow our audience, build our email list, engage our community, create our course content, create all our website pages, build our course/product library, launch and promote our offer, onboard and WOW our students, grow, relaunch and scale...

It can feel like there's a BAJILLION pieces of content to create!


To add to the challenge, Canva has a ZILLION templates, which is totally amazing and overwhelming at the same time because you can end up wasting hours (heck days) trying to find what you need for your specific content requirements. Then even more time trying to make all of your content & graphics look consistent.


Does this absolute time-suck sound familiar?

Well, take a deep breath, because there is an easier solution.


The Template Tribe Is Here To Save You From The Content Creation Chaos & Canva Rabbit Hole

How? By setting you up with a cohesive, coordinated library of Canva templates, specifically designed to:

Create your online brand

Attract & engage your audience

Grow & nurture your email list

Build & launch your online offers


So How Does This Work?

Join For Instant Access

You'll gain access to ALL templates in the Template Library, PLUS you receive new templates every month, influenced by member requests and online trends.

Import Your Templates

No clunky file downloads or uploads! Simply import your membership templates directly into your own Canva account with the click of a link.

Customize Your Templates

Apply your own brand colors, fonts & topics. Tips & tutorials are included to show you how to edit and customize your templates. No design skills necessary!

Here's Just Some Of The Templates Included In Your Membership

View The Full Template Library Here
View The Full Template Library Here

So How Are These Membership Templates Different To The ZILLIONS Of Templates Already Available In Canva?

So glad you ask! This can be answered with 3 Cs


You're not only receiving design templates, but content templates, loaded with topic & title inspiration so you're never stuck for content ideas.


Your membership templates are organised into logical categories, so you can quickly access the templates you need for your specific content tasks.


All of your templates are designed with a cohesive (but versatile) style that's super simple to customize with your own brand colors, fonts & niche topics.

The membership is not a Canva replacement, rather a complementary resource to speed up, simplify and inspire your content creation process. Which means...

No more wasting time in Canva trying to find the right templates for your specific requirements

No more butchering random templates that don't suit your specific content requirements

No more losing credibility because your branding and content looks inconsistent and unprofessional

Ready To Access The Fastest, Easiest Way To Create Your Graphics & Content?

Yesss! Let's Get Your Content Done The Smart, Not Hard Way

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  • Instant access to all templates
  • New templates every month
  • Canva tips & tutorials
  • Private Facebook Group for support
  • Affiliate program
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$470 USD / 12 Months

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  • Instant access to all templates
  • New templates every month
  • Canva tips & tutorials
  • Private Facebook Group for support
  • Affiliate program
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Member Reviews & Feedback

There’s no doubt that having your amazing templates has made such a huge difference, for not only the ability to create but also the confidence in sharing the content I'm creating and publishing online. I finally feel like how I’m showing up online matches the quality that I feel my brand deserves, despite having absolutely no graphics background nor visual creativity on my own.

Bethel Nathan, Wedding Business Coach

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for an outstanding resource. It is so much more than I expected and for someone like myself who has NO design guru in me, you have made our lives so easy. I have gone from taking a day to design a PDF one pager in canva to writing my whole course outline in one afternoon in your slides.

Natasha Barnes,Natasha Barnes Art Academy

Becoming a member of the Template Tribe has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my business. It has hands down saved me so much time and angst as I can rely on Sal's creative genius and beautiful designs and get back to doing what I do best. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely creations.

Gina Hubbard, Gina Hubbard Coaching

The Template Tribe has been an integral part of the success of my business! The quality and value of what you offer is second to none! And the consistent and timely support on the Facebook group is just wonderful!! I honestly don't know what I'd have done if I hadn't have discovered you!!! I use the templates for EVERYTHING!

Ciara Gilmore, Abstract Artist/Art Teacher

Sal’s Canva templates are gold. Not only are they gorgeous & inspirational, but all I have to do is swap the image and insert my own copy and BOOM - I’ve got stellar designs for my business. Plus, now I have tons of extra time and emotional energy that I would have otherwise wasted cursing at my computer.

Theresa Herring, Marriage & Family Therapist

I am so pleased with Sal's work! Like SO SO SO pleased! The Lead Magnet and eBook templates are amazing. It took my "eh" document to a 20 page professional starter booklet that I could sell instead of giving away as a freebie. I highly recommend!

Lynn Stiff, Nutrition Coach

Meet Sal, Your Canva Template Designer & Membership Host

Hey there, I'm Sally Frances Coombes. You can call me Sal.

I love working with passionate go-getters and action takers who are transforming their knowledge, expertise and superpowers into scalable online business models.

I started using Canva when it first launched in 2012. I became passionately obsessed with how the platform empowered anyone to create beautiful designs, without design skills.

Today, I have to pinch myself that I'm partnered with Canva as a "super creator'' and my template designs have been used by literally millions of Canva users, including brands and mentors I've admired for years. My heart still does a little jiggle jiggle when I see my templates in the wild.

Why Trust Me As Your Template Designer?

Because my superpower is template design, more so than graphic design. Yes, there is a difference.

As a template designer, I'm mindful you need to edit and customize the content. When I'm creating your templates, I put myself in your shoes and preempt what you will want to do with the template. Then, I make it simple for you.

As an online membership creator myself, I understand your content requirements. Members often say "Sal, I think you just jumped in my brain, this is exactly what I need right now".

Other Quick Facts About Sal

I live one minute from the beach on the Gold Coast, Australia.

I'm an ex corporate 9-5 grinder and launching this membership was my business breakthrough that has allowed me to live a life of freedom, doing the work I love.

I love expanding my knowledge on all things business, psychology, mental health & personal development.

I always start my day with a workout & wrap it up with a walk.

I'm an ambivert. My energy depends on what I'm doing, with who, where, when and for how long.

I'm a screen addict (no shame) and Canva-holic (no shit!)