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The Template Tribe Is A Membership With Two Payment Options

Save Over $600 A Year With Annual Billing


$270 USD / 3 Months

Billed Quarterly Until Canceled

  • Instant access to all templates
  • 3 new template packs each month
  • Canva tips & tutorials
  • Private Facebook Group for support
  • Affiliate program
Pay Quarterly

Annual (Best Value)

$470 USD / 12 Months

Billed Annually Until Canceled

  • Instant access to all templates
  • 3 new template packs each month
  • Canva tips & tutorials
  • Private Facebook Group for support
  • Affiliate program
Pay Annually & Save

So How Does This Work?

Access Your Templates

As soon as you join, you'll receive instant access to ALL current templates. A minimum of 3 new template packs are added to the library every month.

Import Your Templates

No clunky file downloads or uploads! Simply import your membership templates directly into your own Canva account with the click of a link.

Customize Your Templates

Apply your own brand colors, fonts and niche topic content. Tips & tutorials are included to show you how to edit and customize your templates.



Member Reviews & Feedback

There’s no doubt that having your amazing templates has made such a huge difference, for not only the ability to create but also the confidence in sharing the content I'm creating and publishing online. I finally feel like how I’m showing up online matches the quality that I feel my brand deserves, despite having absolutely no graphics background nor visual creativity on my own.

Bethel Nathan, Wedding Business Coach

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for an outstanding resource. It is so much more than I expected and for someone like myself who has NO design guru in me, you have made our lives so easy. I have gone from taking a day to design a PDF one pager in canva to writing my whole course outline in one afternoon in your slides.

Natasha Barnes,Natasha Barnes Art Academy

The Template Tribe has been an integral part of the success of my business! The quality and value of what you offer is second to none! And the consistent and timely support on the Facebook group is just wonderful!! I honestly don't know what I'd have done if I hadn't have discovered you!!! I use the templates for EVERYTHING!

Ciara Gilmore, Abstract Artist/Art Teacher

Becoming a member of the Template Tribe has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my business. It has hands down saved me so much time and angst as I can rely on Sal's creative genius and beautiful designs and get back to doing what I do best. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely creations.

Gina Hubbard, Gina Hubbard Coaching

Sal’s Canva templates are gold. Not only are they gorgeous & inspirational, but all I have to do is swap the image and insert my own copy and BOOM - I’ve got stellar designs for my business. Plus, now I have tons of extra time and emotional energy that I would have otherwise wasted cursing at my computer.

Theresa Herring, Marriage & Family Therapist

I am so pleased with Sal's work! Like SO SO SO pleased! The Lead Magnet and eBook templates are amazing. It took my "eh" document to a 20 page professional starter booklet that I could sell instead of giving away as a freebie. I highly recommend!

Lynn Stiff, Nutrition Coach