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Quality Assurance Money-Back Guarantee

AKA Your Peace Of Mind Refund Policy

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When investing in yet another resource for your business toolkit (they add up, totally get it) you want peace of mind you're buying a high quality product you're actually going to use and gain value from.

So for your peace of mind, when you join The Template Tribe, you are backed by a 10 Day Quality Assurance Money-Back Guarantee.

Refund Policy

Try, test & customize your membership templates and if you're not satisfied with the quality of the templates, you can request a refund within 10 days of purchase.

Conditions Apply. See Below.

Now, let's be fair. This is a quality assurance guarantee. Not a safety net for not doing the work. Therefore, in order to qualify for a refund, you must provide proof and examples that demonstrate why you're unhappy with the quality of the templates.

The following will not be accepted as reflections of quality or reasons for a refund:

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The templates don't suit my brand style, colors & fonts

The templates are intended to be customized with your own brand colors & fonts. Setting up your Canva brand kit is the first step to getting started! For this reason, your membership includes 60 color palettes & font sets (with tutorials) you can apply to your Canva Brand Kit. You then apply your own brand colors and fonts to the templates.

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The templates don't suit my niche

The templates are designed to be purpose & platform specific, not niche specific. The intention is to customize the templates to suit your niche. For example, if you're a Relationship Coach, you can customize a checklist template to be "10 Essential Criteria For A Healthy Relationship". Placeholder photos are used in the templates so you can see what type of photo is well suited for the space. While you're welcome to use these photos (Free with Canva PRO), the intention is to swap the photos to suit your niche.

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The templates don't fit my "exact" content

Let's remember, these are templates! Of course there will always be a degree of customization required. For example, If your checklist has 12 items, but the template has 10 items, then customization is required to fit 12 items. If you need help and guidance to customize your templates, you can of course reach out via email or our Facebook Group. Your membership includes support.

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There are not enough templates

Please take the time to view The Template Menu and previews. Each template category and template pack is loaded with multiple layout and page options. Please also remember The Template Tribe is a membership. This means you not only receive instant access to hundreds of templates, you also receive new template packs every month. New template pack additions are heavily influenced by member suggestions to ensure your requirements are being met.

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I don't have time to edit & customize the templates

Will The Template Tribe save you time? Yes! Is there still time required to edit and customize your templates? Yes! This is a DIY solution, not a one-on-one design service. Your membership templates are designed with a specific purpose in mind, so absolutely, you can expect to spend LESS (significantly less) time editing your templates (compared to random templates), but of course, there is still customization time required to apply your unique content, brand colors & fonts. The more you use and repurpose your templates, the faster you will become… that's a promise!

Remember, you also have lifetime access to your templates once you import them into your Canva account. So if life gets in the way of your content creation priorities (it happens)... your templates will still be there when you're ready to get back into it.

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Canva, Facebook, Kajabi Or Any Third Party Bugs Or Limitations

If you're trying to achieve XYZ (e.g. 3D angles or metallic effects) with the membership templates, however you can't because of a bug or limitation with Canva, Facebook, Kajabi or any third party platform, this is not a fault of the membership templates. Your reason must relate specifically to the quality standards of the templates, not Canva or third party features and capabilities.

To qualify for a refund, you must provide proof and 10 examples to demonstrate why you're not satisfied with the quality of the templates, within 10 days of purchase.

Specifically, if you wish to request a refund, please email [email protected] providing the following proof, in the form of screenshots, image downloads or template links.

  • A screenshot of your Canva brand kit, showing you've set up your brand colors & fonts
  • A minimum of 10 templates you've customized, explaining why you're not satisfied with the quality

If your request is accepted for a refund, you will be notified and required to delete all membership templates from your Canva account, including Trash folder. Screenshots will be required to prove you have completed this step. Once deletion screenshots have been provided, you will promptly be issued a refund payment and access to the membership will be deactivated.

If your request for a refund is not accepted, due to not meeting these conditions, you will be notified with an explanation and recommendation for how to make the most of your membership moving forward. 

To treat all members fairly and equally, no exceptions can be made to these conditions.

Sal frances
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Thank You For Respecting The Template Tribe Refund Policy

I am that person who will do a 30 second happy dance over positive feedback, but lose 30 hours sleep over a negative comment. Meeting your expectations is not my goal, exceeding them is. Quite simply, when it comes to your purchase satisfaction, I care. A LOT.

Honestly and thankfully, the only "negative" feedback I've ever received is that the templates don't include enough masculine options. So guess what... I added masculine options!

Your peace of mind is important to me. That being said, so is my own and I'm sure you can understand and respect there needs to be some measures in place to avoid abuse of the refund policy. If there's one sentence that wraps it up and I hope you can apply this to your own business...

I've worked too hard to offer refunds to people who don't want to do the work!