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I'm Not Receiving Emails. Help!

Uh-oh, we definitely need to fix this so you don't miss important updates. We need to tell your email system to allow [email protected] inside your inbox. AKA in tech terms, "white list "

The first step is adding The Template Tribe as a contact. Here's a helpful step-by-step guide.

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I'm Having Trouble Logging In. Help!

Forgotten your login details or receiving an error message when trying to log in? Hit the 'Forgot Password' link which will send you a password reset email. 

Note: you need to log in with the same email you joined the membership with. Many of us have personal & business emails... try both!

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I'm Stuck On Something In Canva. Help!

Trying to achieve XYZ in Canva? Need some template guidance that's not covered in the tutorials? Or perhaps you'd like some feedback or advice on your brand or content.

The best place to ask is our Facebook Group (members only). That way everyone can learn and contribute to the conversation.

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How Can I Reduce The File Size Of My PDF?


What Kajabi Templates Are Recommended?

Find recommendations for these solutions on the Tools & Resource page

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