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How Much Can You Earn Per Sale?

The affiliate program applies to the quarterly & annual payment plans, however not the monthly plan.

Quarterly Membership

Refer someone who joins The Template Tribe Quarterly Membership and you'll earn $81 USD recurring, every 3 months for as long as they remain a member.

Earn $81 Per Sale

Annual Membership With Discount

  Refer someone who joins the Annual Membership with a discount applied and you'll earn $111 recurring, every 12 months for as long as they remain a member.

Earn $111 Per Sale

Annual Membership

Refer someone who joins The Template Tribe Annual Membership and you'll earn $141 USD recurring, every 12 months for as long as they remain a member.

Earn $141 Per Sale

How It Works & FAQs

What if someone clicks on your link, but doesn't join instantly? Will your link still be tracked if they purchase later?

Yes! So long as they join within 30 days. Even if they don't use your link when they join, because a cookie has been dropped, your affiliate link will still be tracked and attributed (so long as they clicked on your link at some point earlier within 30 days). Yay for cookies!

Can you offer your audience a special offer as an affiliate bonus?

Yes, absolutely! You can offer a special affiliate bonus to encourage your audience to join via your link and add value to their purchase. For example, you may like to offer a bonus guide, checklist, workshop or training session when they join via your link. Inside the affiliate portal, you can see who you have successfully converted to a member, so you will know who to grant access to your bonus.

What's the best way to promote The Template Tribe Membership?

 The same way Sal does... promote the freebies! Let your audience know they can try some free Canva templates. Most people don't buy instantly. They like to try the freebies first, then come back when they're ready. Inside the Affiliate Portal, the link you copy is your unique affiliate link which will send them to the homepage where they'll see the freebie button.

How & when do you get paid?

 Payments are transferred into your PayPal account on the 15th of each month, for the previous calendar month. For example, on July 15th, you will receive payments for all conversions achieved in June.

Will you be notified for each sale?

Yes, you will receive an email to notify you for your sale. You can also track your results inside the Affiliate Portal.

What promotional images can you use?

 Here's some below. Right click on each image to save it. You're also welcome to create your own using the templates.